Facilitating group outcomes.

Workshop facilitation

Working with internal, cross-functional and project teams to ensure they operate effectively and have processes that guarantee outcomes and progress towards team objectives.


Event facilitation

Preparing, facilitating and documenting one off or non routine gatherings to maximise impact and deliver tangible business outcomes.

Facilitation training

Developing internal capacity to lead and deliver outcomes through facilitation of workshops and other events.

Delivering group outcomes has never been so easy.

About Us

Mentisa provides meeting, event and team facilitation services to senior leadership teams, project teams, cross functional working groups, conferencing and business teams to ensure alignment, agree frameworks to deliver objectives and allow teams to function productively.



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Our Approach


Workshop Facilitation

You head up a project or a cross functional team drawn from across the organisation. It is time to kick off the project or gather your team together. Some decisions will need to be made. People will be travelling to this event and it is a one day or multi day event. How to structure the workshop for impact and engagement? How will you synthesise information and reach supported decisions? How do you address the different styles and personalities? Mentisa will work with you to deliver outcomes your organisation can bank on.

Event facilitation

Staging an event or changing corporate direction in a way that demands a town hall with a large group? Considering how to best manage participants to deliver outcomes and reinforce your positive message? Structure and facilitation of large group events is key. We work with your team to add the extra 20% that makes these events a milestone and launching point for the next stage of company development.

Facilitation training

Routinely running meetings and workshops as part of your weekly routine? Concerned with quality of outcomes and return on the investment of participants time? We work with you to add experienced facilitation techniques to your approach. Drive greater engagement, effectively set up and structure gatherings and deliver outcomes.


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